Save the Children Focuses on Afghanistan

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Save the Children

iPoint Capital Partners CEO Hilt Tatum IV has founded over 20 companies in various countries all over the world. Whenever possible, Hilt Tatum IV contributes to causes that are important to him, including the Save the Children.

Save the Children focuses on responding to the needs of the most vulnerable children in times of crisis all over the world. One of the areas currently in need of aid is Afghanistan. Pakistan has been sending Afghani refugees out of the country since July of 2016, and so far around 600,000 arrived last year alone. Some of these refugees are returning home, but others were born in Pakistan. Most do not have much in the form of money or resources to start a new life.

The province of Nangarhar is especially stressed over this year’s particularly cold winter, as it is one of the warmer areas of the country. It has also been badly affected by violence and unrest, so the humanitarian crisis is becoming worse all the time. Save the Children is on hand to help as much as they can, including by setting up safe spaces for children to play, rest, and gain some education during a stressful time.