Investing in Emerging Markets

As CEO of IPoint Capital Partners, a company that provides private equity services and asset management, Hilt Tatum IV uses his extensive financial expertise to make sound investment decisions. Among Hilt Tatum IV’s areas of focus is pursing investment opportunities in emerging markets.

Developed countries are not those driving the worldwide economy; developing nations are. These countries, which are industrializing quickly, provide many opportunities for a smart investor to earn strong returns. Currently, the emerging markets that are most attractive to investors around the world are in Latin America, as well as in parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Though large profits are possible in these markets, investors need to be aware of special risks of investing in these regions. Typically, emerging markets have less regulation than established markets, as well as lower liquidity. There is also increased risk of inflation and political instability. Investing in emerging markets can be a great move, but it requires a sound strategy.