Private Equity Industry Expansion Leads to Higher Salaries

Panamanian entrepreneur Hilt Tatum IV is the president of iPoint Capital Partners, a venture capital and wealth management business he cofounded in 2006. Consulting services provided by Hilt Tatum IV and his company focus on private equity, real estate developments, asset management, and tax planning.

The private equity industry has enjoyed significant expansion over the past few years, according to Collar Capital’s Michael Schad, an investor in the secondary private equity market. With industry expansion comes increased private equity investment and co-investment in asset class, as well as higher wages for employees working within the sector.

Limited partnership employees are being recruited from other limited partnerships as well as alternative asset management firms, investment banks, and private equity firms. Klaus Ruhne of ATP Private Equity Partners predicts that the increase in limited partnership remuneration should result in a more sensible and consistent limited partnership organization as well as a more intelligent deployment of capital overall.